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So how do you make it happen?

September 30, 2008

I’ve found in my years of research and job hunting that there are multiple ways to find the way to work from home. There are a few main options in making it work.

  1. Convince your current employer that you having telecommute (working from home) ability would be a good fit for everyone invovled.  Jack Heacock of Heacock and associates is quoted at Call Center Magazine saying “Telecommuting, he adds, offers plenty of benefits. Topping the list is “real estate cost-avoidance.” By having agents work from home, says Heacock, call centers can reduce per seat costs, which average $35,000, by $20,000 to $25,000″ This is how I was able to begin working from home. by working in a call center. When I found the ad online it stated that they wanted someone to partially telecommute. I was able to convince the company with my knowledge of the cutting costs of telecommuting and showing them that 100% telecommuting would benefit both of us. Therefor landing myself a job that lasted over 2 years of hourly pay! You could try this with your current company. Do your research and make a pitch. It never hurts to try.
  2. Become an employee of a company that hires telecommuters. There are two ways to be hired by companies that allow employees to telecommute. Some employees have their workers be contract workers and others are employees of the company.  I currently am an employee of a temp agency, though I contract I am now a 1099 employee. This means I get a W-2 at the end of the year. This is ideal for most of us. As it means that my taxes get taken out from my paycheck unlike as a 1099 employee where you’ll owe at the end of the year. I will be posting soon where to look for these at home positions and what keywords are the best for you.
  3. Show the locals your stuff. By this I mean local businesses, draw up a business letter and SELL YOURSELF people. Show them what you can do for them! This means becoming almost as a virtual assistant for busy entrepeneaurs or business owners. This helps them cut costs and you too. Sell this in the letter. The company who hires you only needs to pay you for the work that you do. This type of employment is best for people who do not need a steady income and want to just bring in extra money. Some ideas? Use your clerical skills to draw up letters, answer phones, type documents, do research. Got photographing skills? Contact local real estate companies and offer to photograph their homes. Good at math? Sell your accounts payable and receivable. Do this right and the calls will be coming.

So do what’s the best step for you. Any more ideas on how to break into working from home I’d love to hear them.

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