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I made you meme all over yourself

October 2, 2008

Grabbed this meme from my bestie blogger MommaBlogsAlot and thought it would be a good meme to get this party started with. I sure how I’m doing this right.

  1. What were you doing 10 years ago? I was 15 years old, living in Princeton. Being dateless/loveless. That sort of jazz. I was bubbly and having fun in things like Chorus, Cheerleading, and Volunteering at the Hospital. Going to good old Wachusett Reg.
  2. 5 Things on My To-Do List Today?  1) Clean my house, for sure. I’ve been sickly the past few days so I haven’t cleaned at all. 2) Find out about Brownie’s for Dinga One.  3) Do a load of laundry, because I’m out of clean towels. 4) Drive Dinga One to and from school, where Dinga two likes to do this fun system of love and excitement over getting rid of the extra child for the day. and of course 5) Work!
  3. What snacks I enjoy? I love snacks, they are my main form of eating. I absolutely love string cheese, cheese its, popcorn, well… everything really. I’m not picky or choosy.
  4. What would I do if I were to suddenly become a Billionaire? I’d buy my dream house which I want so badly. I’d sock money away for college, retirement, and vacation funds. I’d fullfill my bucket list. And I’d give to my friends and family till I could not give anymore.
  5. 3 Bad Habits I eat too much. I always start things I cannot finish. I’m lazy, working from home can do that too you.
  6. 5 Places I have lived this is unfair, I’ve only lived in 3 places. One my parents house in Princeton. Two above the garage (my own little apartment) in my parents house in Princeton. Our home in Rutland. Hopefully there’ll be a fourth place in the upcoming months when we buy our next house.
  7. 5 Jobs I have had let’s see, I’m going to start from current and work my way back. Comsys – working for HP as a data entry representative (telecommute-present). ChaCha – I do this on the side it’s fun money and a recommendation for anyone looking to make gas money or blowing money. It’s answering questions via a web-based platform and sending them via this platform to text messages. It’s so fun. Try it yourself. Ask a question to 242242 (ChaCha) via your phone and you’ll get a response back -standard messaging rates apply- (telecommute-present). Plumchoice – working as a call center representative and onsite coordinator (telecommute-2.5 years).  CLW – The Center for Living and Working as a Fiscal Intermediary Administrative Assistant. All fancy for saying that I worked as a payrol admin assistant (6 months). Princeton Post Office – Oh yeah, I worked for the post office (1 year)!!
  8. 5 things peeps don’t know about me I’m a pretty open person about who I am, so I’m not sure. I weigh 182 pounds, I don’t like sharing that so noone knows it. Now you do but hopefully that’ll change with Fine By 2009. I hate my neighborhood – most people know this. I check my email as often as I eat, meaning ALOT.
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  1. October 2, 2008 4:28 pm

    226 bitch, 226. If I weighed 182 I don’t think I’d even complain…. ::sigh::

    Brownies sounds fun! I cannot wait for those days! 🙂

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