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Moody Dentist Goer Who Interviews on the Weekends

October 27, 2008

Monday Morning Meme at

October 27th Questions:

1. What’s your mood today? Why do you feel this way? Would you consider yourself to be a moody person overall? When has your “moodiness” gotten you into trouble? Tell us about that incident.

I am in a decent mood today. I think because I am starting to feel optimistic about beginning a new diet. Which since I am supposed to be doing Fine BY 2009 I should have already started, but since I stink at doing things like that I just haven’t done anything. Except maybe eat some more. I finally got one of my requested books from the Library Flat Belly Diet it was created by Prevention magazine. And as I read it more and more I’m like “I can actually do this!!” Me! Like the food sounds yummy. Also, I can eat 1600 calories a day! I am planning on starting this tomorrow (as I need to go shopping!) It’s like a 32 day trial and they say I don’t need to work out!! Oh yeah, you read me right, no working out. That’s like telling me I can have my cake and eat it too.

Am I moody person overall? Lately I am, but I am going to blame that solely on stress factors. My husband has been grumpy with me lately because I’ve been so irritated. I am hoping eating right is going to help my mood too.

2. How do you feel about the dentist? On a scale of 1 (terrified) to 10 (he’s like a brother to you). And, if it’s a low number … is there a reason behind your fear / loathing? Tell us a dentist story (we all have them!)

I like the dentist. I don’t go as much as I should. I’m like a 7 with my dentist, as I’m relatively new with him. I’ve only gone to him once or twice. The dentist I loved moved too far away for me. Dr. Mario. Even his name rocked.

When I brought Dinga One to the dentist this week to get her cavities filled. Yes, I’m the mom who let her child get cavities. Dinga Two saw the dentist walked into the room and she got so excited as this was her second time seeing him that she screamed “DOCK-OR TONY!!!” The dentist thought it was the cutest thing ever that the whole time he was working he kept asking her to say it over and over again.

3. If you could interview anyone, who would you interview, and what would the first question be?

I would interview my husbands Grandfather, Charles Proulx. He passed away just a short time ago. But when I visited him in the hospital we got talking about love. I’d want to start that conversation again so i could write down every word and share it with the world. It was profound and made me cry because he knew what true love was and never failed to share it.

4. What did you do over the weekend?

Let’s see. Friday night I stayed home. Saturday I spent the day at my parents house in P-Town (not on the Cape), then the DH and I went to Walmart to get him another new phone, then I came home and sat at home watching man movies and brooding that I couldn’t be at game night. Sunday we went to O-Town where the DH’s family is. They fed us so the free meal was worth the drive. Plus I had to go get the final Halloween costume. Halloween shopping is done, which is real exciting. Cause I’m broke now!

Do you want to answer these questions? Or check out more? Go to… Write From Karen and check it out.

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  1. October 27, 2008 1:56 pm

    1. I want to be on your diet. I like yummy food AND not exercising. They are like my favorite things.

    2. I also want your dentist, except the going to him part. But I will bringing MM to Dr. Tony soon. The rave reviews have won me over.

    3. He sounds amazing.

    4. We would have fed you, too. GUILT TRIPPPPPPPPP

  2. redknowshow permalink
    October 27, 2008 2:01 pm

    Total guilt trip, but I love you for it. Dr. Tony is fan-flippin’ tastic my kids do nothing but love him unconditionally. Cayleigh has 4 cavities we’ve done two of them (with drugs!) and she has not cried or complained at all. Any dentist that can put a child at ease like that is the one I want around my kids. I am going to buy the book and I’ll totally let you borrow it. Maybe we can try it together.


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