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Looking Fine By 2009 – Holy Crap Only 6 Weeks Left

November 17, 2008

I really tried very hard this week to make smart choices and to workout. I began using the Calorie Counter website that provides (thanks to MommaBlogsAlot – Jen for pointing it out to me). Monday through Friday I did great! I worked out 3-4 times during the week and counted every calorie. I was on a roll. Look, I even got a medal for it!! Thanks Jen!

So there I was on a roll, doing so very good. Then Saturday hit. I really did well in the morning. My husband got me a small hot chocolate and one of those egg white flat bread sandwiches from Dunkin’ Donuts and I only had a few small sips and about a quarter of the sandwich. Then 3-4:00pm hit, and we had guests over. Which turned into a mini party with chips and dips and pizza…. ohhhh the homemade pizza. I don’t remember stopping eating the whole night. I definitely exceeded my calorie counts that day. Then Sunday came as well. I had a hundred calorie mini bagel and butter for breakfast (go me!) and some animal crackers. Then we went to a family party and BAM. I had two pieces of pizza, lots of chips and dip, and even some dessert. Let’s just say that in group settings I absolutely stink.

I haven’t stepped on the scale yet this week (because mine stinks… and I’m slightly scared) I think I lost 1-2 pounds. I actually think I lost more before I ate all that junk over the weekend. -sigh- 

Anyone have any tips on how to stop yourself from eating at a party?

My goals:

1) To keep calorie counting!!

2) To workout 20 minutes everyday Monday-Friday

3) To win the GOLD, dammit!

4) To learn how to not over eat in social settings (since there will be alot of them over the course of the next two months)

What are your goals? Will you start losing weight before the new year rather than waiting for a silly “Resolution” to do it? You should!

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  1. November 17, 2008 6:57 pm

    I’ve only had a couple of “group settings” and so far I’ve behaved. I drink water, water, water instead of the delicious soda that I want. When we have Game Nights I have a terrible tendency to have like 5 sodas in one night which is like 1,000 calories at LEAST, nevermind the pizza and the chips. I think maybe if you pick up the food, try to envision how many calories it is and then ask, “Is this food so delicious and special that it’s worth the calories?”

    I’m trying to indulge where it counts. I have dessert every day, but I budget my calories so I have room in my diet for them, you know? We went to Wrights Chicken Farm and Dan went to town because he loves it – but he ate a small breakfast and a small dinner. I hate Wright’s so I had a small serving of things to be polite since the in-laws were paying, but I was able to go home that night and really indulge because I’d been nibbling all day and had a TON of calories left.

    But we’ll see how that thinking holds up when there is delicious food that I like available.

  2. redknowshow permalink
    November 17, 2008 7:13 pm

    Have you tried the Sams Club fizzy water? It’s calorie free i believe, but it’s like flavored water only fizzy so it’s like soda. The grape one tastes like grape soda. I’m thinking about picking up a bunch like them so I can have my “soda” fix without the calories included.

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