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I want you to faint. This is what you were meant for.

November 29, 2008

On the eve of Thanksgiving we had quite a scare in our household. Or should I say my sisters household. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving was spent running around trying to get chores completed and making sure everything was ready for the next day. One of these chores required me going to Walmart. [Note: The night before Turkey day is not a good day for shopping at a major retailer such as said mentioned store] Because of the crazy-ness that may ensue I called my older sister and asked her to watch the girls. This was such a nice treat for me!

That was until I got back to her house. I walked in and dropped off my bags, the girls ran to me and said “Hello!” then immediately ran away. Just when I thought all normalcy was there my youngest, Gabrielle [2] began screaming like there was no tomorrow. Anyone who has children know that there are different cries for different things. Gabby has at least 5 cries:

  1. I’m tired
  2. I’m not getting my way
  3. I’m pretending like i’m hurt but I’m really not
  4. I’m hungry
  5. and most importantly… I’m actually hurt.

This was a number five cry. I ran to her and assessed the situation. Her crying began when my brother-in-law closed their bifold doors. I figured she got her finger stuck in there somehow. After the situation we (me and brother-in-law) determined that when he closed the bifold doors from the inside she must have decided to help. While helping her pinky finger got between the fold of the bi and pinched in there. He couldn’t see her because he was closing from the opposite side. The DH informs me that she was pinched on a nerve and it must have hurt like a bad word describes.

My sister had gotten to Miss Gabrielle before I could. Her reaction to the pain began getting stranger and stranger. My sister was holding her by the butt, and Gabs threw herself backwards (or sagged backwards, I’m not sure which at this point). This was way to weird and my mom instincts kicked in. I grabbed her from my sister and layed her down on the floor.

Right when she was put on the floor her eyes rolled up into the back of her head. I feared for the worst and we had the phone ready to dial 911! It was like she was having a seizure with the way she was acting. Which I feared sooo much because it runs in my husbands side of the family.  But there was no stiffening of the muscles or jerking. Just the eyes rolling back and her not hearing what i was saying.

Within 5 seconds she was back to screaming and was looking me in the eyes. (Phew!) After a minute she was laughing and running around and eating a popsicle like it was the last one in the world.

I called the doctors office soon after and spoke to the on call nurse. After explaining the situation she told me what most likely occurred:

When Gabrielle experienced the strong pain and began crying she hyperventilated herself. And stopped breathing for just a few seconds. When this happened it caused her body to give out.

She fainted.

Let’s just say I can deal with a daughter who faints, but I can’t deal with seizures! They say if it was a seizure she would have wanted to go to bed afterwards. Not run and play and laugh.

My daughter, the fainter.



Scarlett: Rhett, don’t! I shall faint!
Rhett: I want you to faint. This is what you were meant for. None of the fools you’ve ever know have kissed you like this, have they?

Perhaps she is destined to be the next Scarlett O’Hara, wouldn’t that be magical?

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  1. November 29, 2008 2:34 pm

    Does that mean my son gets to be Rhett Butler, cause that would be kind of awesome, only in their version they have to get back together, kay?

    I’m sorry you had such a scare but soooo glad it wasn’t a seizure!

  2. redknowshow permalink
    November 30, 2008 1:03 pm

    That can certainly mean that Michael is the next Rhett Butler, only they certainly can get together in the end. I would gladly have it be so.

  3. December 3, 2008 3:23 pm

    Came here through Wordless Wednesday…
    Wow, that must of been scary.
    She’s adorable!

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