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Giuseppe We Are Kindred Souls

January 12, 2009

The book House of Dark Shadows by best-selling author Robert LiParulo was kindly lent to me by my friend Amanda aka funkEpunkEmonkE. I finally had a chance to pick it up since the book that I was reading (Chosen by P.C. and Kristin Cast) suddenly went missing in my disaster of a home. 

Though I haven’t even begun reading this book which is the first one in the Dreamhouse Kings series, I opened the book and read one line and had to close it. Not for a bad reason, just a thoughtful one. Many books use quotes as a way to ease a reader into the storyline or to help aide the reader with what is to come. This quote, I expect, after reading the synopsis on the back of the book is more of a foretelling of what is to come.

The quote made me stop. Then I read it again. At this point I felt the need to share it with my readers.

“A house of which one knows every room isn’t worth living in.”

– Giuseppe Tomasi Di Lampedusa

My dear Giuseppe, have you visited my home? Are you aware of it’s horrible nature and was this quote brought on by it’s awefulness?

The quote made my stomach clench and my heart skip a beat. My current living condition for almost two years now has been very disheartening and to see that even such a quote exists makes me so sad that perhaps there have been others who have felt the same despair. 

I could list the problems with my home but you would probably call the Board of Health at this point. Even Extreme Makeover would not touch my house. I am about ready to but first I am trying to get it off my hands. We can afford a better home that is safer and smarter for me and my children. That is my New Years Resolution. To be in another home by the end of this year. I’m hoping to make it by the end of this current season.

We’ve spoken to a few companies that state “We buy houses!” We are fine with taking a loss if it means being able to move. We are awaiting something solid from those companies. Also, we’ve looked into the possibility of handing over the deed to the mortgage company and walking away. This would be a hurt on my credit though, because in order for them to accept that we would need to be delinquent on our payments.

So I have two questions for you:


  1. Have you ever read a quote in a book that made you stop and think for longer than you would have expected?
  2. Do you have any ideas on how to get rid of a house that noone in their right minds would buy?
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  1. January 12, 2009 4:08 pm

    I’m sure I have, to number one, but my brain hurts and nothing specific comes to mind. Actually, there was a line in A Sweet Far Thing that stuck with me for awhile…

    “There in the city’s steam-and-smoke-smudged harbor is the most extraordinary sight of all: a great copper-clad lady with a torch in one hand and a book in the other. It is not a statesman or a god or a war hero who welcomes us to this new world. It is but an ordinary woman lighting the way – a lady offering us the liberty to pursue our dreams if we’ve the courage to begin.”

    • redknowshow permalink
      January 12, 2009 4:19 pm

      I love that book and that quote really is one that makes you just get dreamy.

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