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Obama’s Letter to his Daughters: A must read

January 17, 2009

I like Obama. Plain and simple. I like the way he “feels”. People who don’t know me would probably think that I’m a super weirdo. What I mean by “feels” is that I like the vibe he puts off. He’s a family man who is ready to put up a fight for us. To make a change for America. At least i think that is what every citizen of the US is hoping for.

What I’d like to share with you is his letter to his daughters. This letter is something that Parade magazine tries to keep as a tradition for the new presidents. It’s a special read, and perhaps you will feel the emotion I felt when reading it.

The following line stopped me in my tracks and made me smile and nod:

“She [Malia and Sasha’s Grandmother] helped me understand that America is great not because it is perfect but because it can always be made better-and that the unfinished work of perfecting our union falls to each of us”

I am not a political person, per say, but I believe in America. I believe in standing up for us and for what’s right.  I know everyone is hoping that Obama can make the change we so much need.

I sure am.

He ends the letter so simply but makes it feel right “Love, Dad  Two words that conclude the feel of the whole letter. Love and family. Two things that I hold dear to my heart.  His words not only go out to what he wants for his daughters but they extend to every child in America. These are things I want for my children too. 

See the whole Parade magazine letter here. I would love to have your feelings (good or bad) on the letter and Obama’s upcoming presidency.

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