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It’s Midnight, I shall be random

February 17, 2009

It’s 12:15am right now and I’m sitting at our local hospital with a sleeping 2 year old in the hospital bed next to me. Remember when I diagnosed my own daughter a few weeks ago? Well, even though my diagnosis was right… their treatment didn’t work. Thus after a few weeks of doctors trips I finally gave in and brought her to the ER where I knew more could get done.  Gabs finally just went to sleep, thank freaking goodness. And I’m so glad I brought my laptop because Word World kept her entertained while they administered the nebulizer and steroids.

She’s breathing better. But even after the treatments they heard wheezing. So instead of being sent home immediately we are waiting another hour to see if she improves. Good times.

Mid point randomness… I keep getting spam comments for an anti-depressant drug. I know I hate my house. But do I come off as depressed on here? Or do those psycho commenters just comment wherever their heart desires until someone finally gives in and approves it? Either way… I am not depressed stupids.

I should be working on my website Mommas Review or even doing actual work but I can’t seem to focus on normalcy right now. So perhaps tomorrow I can get some done. The glitch? At this rate I won’t be home until 2:00am and after EM’s party last night I’m running on minimal sleep.  Work tomorrow is going to be hell nevermind trying to sell me and my girls to companies. Don’t they know they should give us stuff to review because we rock?

Is it wrong that I’m starving? I had a hot dog for dinner but it was not what I wanted and didn’t taste good. I want a large homecooked meal. Maybe italian. Some homemade meatloaf and penne rigate. Oh golly that sounds delicious right now.

I am so utterly jealous that my husband is curled up in our big warm bed right now as I sit here. Thank goodness he stayed home with Cayleigh. Because I couldn’t have dealt with all of them being tired and grumpy in this room. Next time he can do the hospital trip. Actually, that’s a lie. I couldn’t let my litle girls go to the hospital without me there.

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