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Who am I? What a strong question though.

How about… how do I define myself currently?

I define myself with different factors all pulling into one person, me. These factors include:

  1. My children. Here they will be labeled as Dinga One (8 years old girl in Second Grade) and Dinga Two (4 year old girl). My children are my everything. I had my first daughter when I was only 18, which does make me a teenage mother. I was luckily out of high school so it did not hinder that. I had my children with my first love, he was my one and only everything. Which makes him another factor.
  2. My DH. We have been together for 10 years now. Married for 5 (as of Sept. 5th) years. We’ve been through a lot of struggles together yet somehow have seen to overcome it. He is a UPS Driver, and I love him with everything I am.
  3. My hobbies. My main hobbies are reading and working. Is working considered a hobby?  Probably not. I adore reading and you will never catch me without a book. Want a recommendation for what to read next? I say go to whatshouldIreadnext
  4. My work. I know it’s an overlap here, but I feel my work is important. I have been a work from home Mother for about 3 years now. And every minute that I’ve been able to earn an income while working from home has been satisfying. It has been stressful. As the first two years I spent as a customer service representative, and with an infant daughter this did not go well. Now I do data entry, everyones dream work from home job. I make a remarkable income doing so. I try to help those who are looking to work from home and am here to answer your questions or point you in the right direction. 

That is all for the basics of ME.

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